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Nikon Repair & Service Cleaning Costs


Nikon Australia and its Authorised Repair Centres will offer an estimate to service your product upon inspection (prices are subject to change). If requested, the fee can include the return of your product(s) by courier to your nominated address. The fee will be added to your invoice.

If you accept the estimated repair amount, the estimate fee is absorbed into the total repair costs and only the repair fee is charged. However if you choose to decline the repair of your equipment, the estimate fee will be required before your equipment can be returned. Estimate fees can be requested from the Authorised Repair Centre prior to sending the product.

Please ensure you provide all required paperwork if you are claiming warranty (original or copy of your proof of purchase and Warranty Card), otherwise your equipment may be repaired and a charge assigned accordingly.
Please respond to the estimate within 7 days of receiving notification otherwise we will consider the estimate rejected and your product will be returned.


In order to get the most from your equipment we suggest you provide all of the lenses you use as well as the camera to be cleaned. Without doing so may result in limited improvement in image viewing quality. Cleaning the body only will not ensure that the lens is clean and this may then result in the lens transferring dust to the body reversing any results from the body cleaning.

Note: Dust you see in the viewfinder will not affect the image.  If dust is on the focusing screen, the screen can be cleaned for an additional charge, but if it is deep within the viewfinder prism, it requires a complete and expensive camera strip down to remove. In some cases your lenses may also require internal cleaning. A separate evaluation would be applicable in this situation, please refer to our Nikon Service terms and conditions.

Please note, NPS members with registered cameras are entitled to free sensor cleans. To find out more about NPS go to: